make[5]: *** 没有规则可以创建“”需要的目标“private.o”。 停止。

OpenSSL shared libraries have been installed in:

If this directory is not in a standard system path for dynamic/shared
libraries, then you will have problems linking and executing
applications that use OpenSSL libraries UNLESS:

  • you link with static (archive) libraries. If you are truly
    paranoid about security, you should use static libraries.
  • you use the GNU libtool code during linking
  • you use pkg-config during linking (this requires that
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH includes the path to the OpenSSL shared
    library directory), and make use of -R or -rpath.
  • you specify the system-wide link path via a command such
    as crle(1) on Solaris systems.
  • you add the OpenSSL shared library directory to /etc/
    and run ldconfig(8) on Linux systems.
    DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (MacOS X) or PATH (Cygwin and DJGPP)
    environment variable and add the OpenSSL shared library
    directory to it.

One common tool to check the dynamic dependencies of an executable
or dynamic library is ldd(1) on most UNIX systems.

See any operating system documentation and manpages about shared
libraries for your version of UNIX. The following manpages may be
helpful: ld(1),, [Solaris], [HP],
ldd(1), crle(1) [Solaris], pldd(1) [Solaris], ldconfig(8) [Linux],
chatr(1) [HP].
cp libcrypto.pc /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig
chmod 644 /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig/libcrypto.pc
cp libssl.pc /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig
chmod 644 /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig/libssl.pc
cp openssl.pc /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig
chmod 644 /root/asuswrt/release/src-rt-7.14.114.x/src/router/arm-uclibc/stage/etc/lib/pkgconfig/openssl.pc
make[6]:正在离开目录 /root/asuswrt/release/src/router/openssl' make[5]:正在离开目录/root/asuswrt/release/src/router'
make -C shared
make[5]: 正在进入目录 /root/asuswrt/release/src/router/shared' make[5]:正在离开目录/root/asuswrt/release/src/router/shared'
make[5]: 正在进入目录 `/root/asuswrt/release/src/router/shared'


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